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The Decoy Paintings
Pop meets reality with Atticus' image proliferation series 'Data Splice'. Here his motifs come to life in paint.
Who is Todd Atticus?
Through a varied practice of painting, sculpture and collage, Todd Atticus makes art that blurs the boundaries between popular culture, art, advertising and tradition. 
Exhibitions and Events
(April - July 2017)
In 2017 City Gallery Wellington unwittingly played host to an additional exhibition. Todd Atticus smuggled 1000 replicas of the gallery’s own programme leaflet into the gallery space.
April - July 2017
City Gallery Wellington


we can re:define art

Her political opponent called her "Stardust" and now she's New Zealand's PM. This limited edition is the ultimate piece of memorabilia from the 2017 New Zealand general election. 

Jacinda Stardust

10 questions with Todd Atticus

What's Todd Atticus' favourite Simpsons episode? Why does he still paint? And what happened to his experimental club night at uni?


Buying art can be expensive. Making it can be too.
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Re:defining art

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