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Todd Atticus has stopped listening to Morrissey

May 9, 2018

The contemporary artist has announced that he has stopped listening to the controversial former Smiths singer.


Artist Todd Atticus has taken to Twitter to announce that he will no longer listen to Morrissey's music following recent reports that the British songwriter has thrown his support behind the far-right political For Britain party.


In a tweet titled 'Why I've stopped listening to Morrissey' Atticus lists the reasons for his decision.


Scroll below to read the tweet.

"For a long time it’s been increasingly difficult to listen to Morrissey’s music without feeling shameful, racist or partial," he says, quoting a lyric from the singer's own 2004 song Irish Blood, English Heart. "Lately it has become impossible."


He goes on to accuse Morrissey of using his support for animal welfare issues "to disguise his bigotry."


Atticus adds his name to a growing list of figures disavowing the musician following controversial recent comments about halal meat being "evil", and that the London Mayor Sadiq Khan "can not talk properly".

Manchester PhD student Verity Longley recently received 500 orders in just 48 hours for her "Shut Up, Morrissey" tote bags. She donated the £1730 profit to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund - set up to help victims of last year's terror attack during an Ariana Grande concert.


Today's announcement from is the just the latest episode in Atticus' frequent criticism of Morrissey's politics.

It remains to be seen whether The Smiths will also be blacklisted from his stereo.


Todd Atticus recently dropped his own April Studio Mixtape. Scroll below to play it in full.


Speaking about the exclusive mix last month, he mentioned the need for energy in the studio while the team finish off a new series of paintings, expected later this year.


Click here to stream the April Studio Mixtape in Spotify.




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