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Durable A1 Poster from the Data Splice Collage series, 2014-2017.

You Shouldn’t be Inside on a Day Like Today – Poster

SKU: TAM0001
  • Specs

    Colour inkjet poster.
    Weighty 190gsm paper with lustre finish.
    Poster dimensions: 594 x 841mm.
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  • Info

    A full-colour reproduction of You Shouldn’t be Inside on a Day Like Today, 2017.

    The sickly-sweet mix in Todd Atticus's Data Splice Collages is the perfect subject to find itself repackaged back into promotional fodder in this new poster series.


    Atticus's seemingly-endless tableux of disfigured logos, dismembered flesh, visible underwear bands, smooth smartphone curves and Pokémon treads a knowing tightrope between criticism and celebration.