Hope for the Best

Limited edition C-type print. From the Data Splice Collage series, 2014-2017.

Hope for the Best

  • Full colour C-type art print on 188gsm photo rag paper.
    Paper trim 639 x 841mm.
    Edition of 10.
    Signed and numbered.
    Sold unframed.
    Only available at toddatticus.com

  • A direct-digital C-type reproduction of The Best Espresso This Side of Milan, 2017.

    The sickly-sweet mix in Todd Atticus's Data Splice Collages is revealed more fully with size.


    Atticus's seemingly-endless tableux of disfigured logos, dismembered flesh, visible underwear bands, smooth smartphone curves and Pokémon treads a knowing tightrope between criticism and celebration.