Melting Princess tote bags out now

Todd Atticus' collab with HOMO London continues...

Following the success of Todd Atticus and HOMO London's pride month tee collaboration, the artist and queer London-based label have teamed-up again to release a new tote bag.

Buy your Melting Princess tote bag now.

Featuring the artist's melting Disney princess design, this special edition tote bag is perfect for summer trips to the beach or your weekly venture to the veggie market. Carry your personal belongings around in style with this perverse symbol of modernity lifted from Atticus' recent Decoy Painting series.

A limited range of the exclusive Pride month tees are also still available at HOMO's online store. Buy yours here.

All artist proceeds from the sale of the collab t-shirts, featuring the melting princess design and a mash-up between the Burger King logo and Disney's Pinocchio, will be donated to US organisations helping individuals who are arrested protesting police brutality following the death of George Floyd.