Brand new Pride tees available now

Todd Atticus celebrates Pride Month with a brand new collaboration with HOMO London.

Coinciding with the start of this year's Pride Month, Atticus has teamed-up with the London-based queer fashion label HOMO to work on two exclusive, limited edition tees.

Featuring as part of the artist's Originals line, the brand new t-shirts fuse together familiar Disney characters with icons and logos from contemporary commercial brands.

Follow this link to purchase one of these Pride tees.

With his idiosyncratic flare, Atticus reworks Pinocchio as the Burger King logo and Disney princess Cinderella is depicted morphing into a melting version of the infamous "spinning wheel of death" loading cursor from Apple's Mac operating system.

Writing on Instagram about the release, Atticus explained the continued relevance of Pride in the face of racial injustice and the Black Lives Matter movement.

"Pride is a celebration but it was born from the violent struggle of minority groups to overcome prejudice and inequality to win the rights and freedoms that everyone should expect to enjoy" he said.

"Let's remember it was a coalition of communities that fought [the Stonewall Riots] alongside each other: white and black, gay and straight, cis and trans people."

Atticus added that all artist profits from the sale of these tees would be donated directly to the Minnesota Freedom Fund and other US organisations committed to helping individuals who are arrested protesting police brutality following the death of George Floyd.

Buy your own limited edition Pride tee.

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